How Do I Become A Member?

The Osprey Flyfishers of B.C. is a fly fishing club whose objectives are:

  • To bring together those individuals interested in the sport of fly fishing.
  • To create within the club, a spirit of fellowship and co-operation through active participation in
    fly fishing and in programs supporting all aspects of fisheries conservation and quality angling recreation.
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  • CR Fly Tying
  • CR First Aid
  • CR Building Sink Tips
  • CR Dying Materials
  • CR Framing Flies
  • CR Furled Leaders
  • CR Shadow Boxes
  • CR Spey Lines
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With regard to the above objectives, the club has adopted a policy of controlled membership growth. Growth is monitored and decided upon by the membership, annually. The club generally votes in favor of active fly fishers who are willing and eager to participate in the affairs and operations of the club.

Your participation in club activities is expected if you wish to become a sponsored guest. Your first step will be to complete the Guest Registration & Sponsorship Form and return Part 1 to the club secretary, who will ensure that your name is added to the club phone list and e-mail list as a Registered Guest.

Keep Part 2 (the second page) as you will use this to record the meetings, methods sessions and any other club events that you attend. More importantly, it is also used to record the name of your member sponsor and the date you were sponsored. As a guest of the Osprey Fly Fishers you are entitled to attend all regular meetings, method sessions, fish-outs and any other club functions. You will also receive a copy of the newsletter by e-mail.

As a registered guest, you must attend three regular meetings, three method sessions and two fish outs AND obtain a sponsor in order to be eligible to be voted on at the next closed meeting.

These requirements must be completed by the third closed meeting from the date of guest registration. There are two closed meetings a year - April and November. This will give you plenty of time to meet the requirements and to decide if the club is what you want.

Upon meeting the requirements for membership, your membership application will be considered at the next closed membership meeting. Your sponsor will be expected to speak on your behalf regarding application for membership.

You are welcome and indeed encouraged to participate in our monthly club fishing trips, method sessions and other activities. Fish with, and get to know, as many members as possible. When it comes time to vote, members will not feel they are voting for someone they hardly know.

As a guest of the Osprey Fly Fishers you will be entitled to attend all regular meetings, method sessions and fish-outs. However, as a guest you cannot vote on club matters or attend the closed meetings, which are held in April and November.

Your ongoing participation is expected in order for you to keep abreast of current club events and the operations of the club.

The Guest Registration and Sponsorship Form is available on line. Click to download.

Welcome to the Osprey Flyfishers of BC!
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