Skagit River Fish Out

September 23, 2017

The first outing for the club this season was a day trip to the Skagit River. The usual group of members showed up at the Husky Restaurant in Chilliwack for breakfast.
There were a few guests of the club as well. After breakfast we drove to the Silvertip Campsite to meet up with Craig, Henri and his son, Lucas. They had been fishing the river since Friday.
After receiving a report from Henri, Sandy, Jukka & I headed down river. At the parking lot, we got changed and were ready to proceed to the river. Without breaking tradition, something had to go wrong. Sandy discovered that he had forgotten his waders. That did not stop him from fishing, he decided to go and wade wet. Hard Core Fly Fishing .... wet wading in September.
We tried a few places with mixed results - a few fish were caught. The weather was very nice so Sandy could enjoy the day despite the lack of waders.

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