The Osprey Fly Box ~ Flies of the Pacific Northwest

Matt Sharp of Pacific Angler reviewed "The Osprey Fly Box" in the Pacific Angler Blog for December 20.

"On the video front we released two videos this week our usual Friday Fishing Report Video where Matt goes over the report and highlights an epic new fly tying book from the Ospreys, chats about the storm and river levels as well as some tips on catch and release.  Make sure to check that out if you don’t have time to read the entire report."

The video that follows is excerpted from Matt's Dec 20 Fishing Report Video ....


As Matt indicates in the video, both the Hardback and the Soft Cover are available at Pacific Angler Fly Shop (78 East Broadway
Vancouver). If you are unable to drop by the store, it is also available on-line.

Also available on line - Hard Cover through Blurb - Soft Cover through Amazon.

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