The Osprey Fly Box ~ Flies of the Pacific Northwest

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Matt Sharp of Pacific Angler reviews the book in his December 20th blog. Click here to see Matt's Review.


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the club, the decision was made to create a book of fly patterns celebrating the history of the Osprey Fly Fishers - a book featuring patterns that were originated by members of the Osprey Fly Fishers of BC and the consensus picks of the membership at large accross several groups of flies.

In the chapter of the book featuring the Osprey Originals, the reader will get glimpses into the history of the club. These are patterns thaMat may not be well known outside of the club, but they are patterns that have proven to be productive. With each pattern, in addition to the recipe, there will be a short commentary about the pattern. Peter Caverhill, one of the club's founding members, will also discuss the evolution of the sport and the many changes he has seen in his 50 years with the club.

The remaining chapters will feature the consensus picks of the membership - past and present - across a broad range of groups of flies. Many of these patterns have been around for decades. The origing of the fly is of little concern unless you are a history buff. In this book, the focus is on the more practical side of the pattens presented, specifically: What does the pattern imitate? What is the recipe of the pattern? How should the pattern be fished? To that end, an Osprey member - past or present (including published authors Phil Rowley, Peter Caverhill & Danie Erasmus) will share their knowledge on how to fish a specific group of flies.