Highway 24 Retreat

Fawn Lake Resort ~ June 24 - 28, 2017

The Ospreys embarked their second trip to Highway 24 Lakes in the Cariboo with anglers arriving Friday thru' Sunday. Once again the “home base” for the fishout was the Fawn Lake Resort, located about a third of the way down the Interlake Hwy from Mile 93. This is a small but very comfortable rustic resort located on one of the smaller lakes in the area.

Henri and Craig were two of the first to arrive. They reported that fishing had been pretty good and that they had caught a number of fish Friday evening on dry flies .... the sedge hatch was happening .... something that we missed the previous year. It is interesting how things change from year to year. Last year, anyone who fished chironomids was having success. This year, very few fish were caught on a chironomid. Last year, olive leeches were also a hot menu item for Fawn Lake trout. Not so much this year.

Most people fished Fawn Lake for the duration of their stay. At Rudy’s encouragement, a group of us made the long trek to Lorin Lake - a scenic lake Rudy had fished and had great success at years ago. It is a much larger and deeper lake than Fawn with several shoals, and an island to fish around. Several fish were caught - none overly large.

Most evenings, anglers headed out in hopes of sedges coming off. At times though, the fish just didn’t seem to be interested in the surface activity .... sedges skating across the surface of the water .... you watch waiting for it to be devoured and nothing. Here is Bruce’s report on the dry fly fishing ..... “Everyday the fishing conditions were different. Good dry fly action one day from 5-7, another from 2-4, and most at dusk (except the last evening). We never had a good caddis hatch, but I did well with elk hair caddis, Tom Thumbs, and soft hackles (caddis emerger) when fish were rising.”

The fish out was very well attended. At the pot luck dinner on Sunday night, a total of 17 Osprey Members and guests were in attendance. There was a good assortment of dishes - salads, afew main course items, and a couple deserts.

The plan is to head back to Fawn Lake again next year. This is a very small resort .... that fortunately was spared from the wild fires. Reservations can be made a year in advance. Most of us have already made reservations for next year. The dates will be June 23 thru June 27.