Highway 24 Fish Out

Fawn Lake Resort ~ June 23 - 28, 2016

This was the first official club outing along Highway 24 - a paved route running east to west between 100 Mile House in the South Cariboo (atop of the Fraser Plateau) and Little Fort in the Thompson River Valley. This route remains basically the same route that the fur traders used centuries ago. Parts of the Hudson’s Bay Fur Brigade Trail can still be seen near the east end of the highway and is permanently preserved as a “heritage trail”. Highway 24 is also known as The Fishing Highway for good reason. The Fishing Highway will take you along some of the best fishing lakes in the region. Hundreds of lakes offer a variety of fishing experiences that can keep you busy throughout the year.Osprey fish-out. In total, 15 members and guests made their way up to the Fawn Lake Resort, located just off Highway 24.

In total, 15 members and guests made their way up to the Fawn Lake Resort - located approximately 25 km east of 93 Mile House. All in all, it was a great trip. Lots of fish were caught over the four day trip primarily on micro leeches and chironomids. Oddly, the improving weather resulted in lower numbers of fish being caught. We thought that with the improving weather we would get a good sedge hatch in the evenings. Sedges were coming off but fish weren’t rising to them.