BCFFF Fish Out

Corbett Lake Resort ~ April 28 - 30, 2017

Years ago, the BCFFF used to have an Annual Fish Out at Corbett Lake in the spring immediately prior to the official opening of the resort. At the BCFFF AGM held at Corbett Lake Resort in 2016, the decision was made to again have a fish-out at Corbett Lake in the spring of 2017 - with the possibility of it becoming an annual event - as it once was.

Approximately 40 fly fishermen from around the province attended the fish out. Eleven Osprey members and guests were in attendance .... and by all accounts had a great time. Corbett Lake is a private lake and is under new management. The lake is stocked annually with fish ranging in size from 2 to 8 pounds .... so as you can imagine .... some large fish were caught. Heading into the weekend, the concern was whether the ice would be off the lake. As everyone knows, this past winter and spring was very cold and temperatures were dropping below zero into late April. In fact, we did have a dusting of snow on the Saturday night. The water was still very cold and as a result the fish were a bit lethargic. That said, I think most attendees are in favour of making this an annual event .... hopefully at the same location.

Assuming that the sprinf of 2017 was an anomoly .... temperatures should be more seasonal in April .... and the ice should be off the lake about three weeks earlier .... the lake will be warmer and the fish much more active.