Calendar of Events

May 11 - 13
FISH OUT - Rainbow Trout on Peterhope Lake
- Annual gathering at Peterhope Lake.
- Camp at Peterhope campsite.

May 16
DINNER MEETING - Fly Fishing Argentina with Phil Rowley
- Location: Firefighters Public House, 6515 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby
- Guest Speaker: Phil Rowley
- Topic: Fly Fishing Argentina.
- Doors Open: 6:00 pm ----- Dinner Served: 7:00 pm
- Cost: $40 per person

June 13
REGULAR MEETING - DVD Presentiton - "Nymphing Strategies" by Pat Dorsey
Covers the intricacies of nymph fishing & unveils the skills Dorsey has learned guiding clients for the past 15 years on some of Colorado's toughest water. First half details instructional tips & tactics to improve nymphing skills. Second half includes step-by-step instructions on fly tying & a small segment on knots. COVERS: - equipment - setting up and effective nymph rig - essential knots for successful rigging - long & short line nymphing - dry-dropper strategies - reading the water - fly selection - "the approach" As an added bonus, you will learn to tie 5 of Pat Dorsey's most effective patterns with step-by-step instruction.

June 20
METHOD SESSION - Casting Clinic - Instruction & Casting Games
- Meet at Baseball Diamond - Winslow Park (King Albert & Marmont St)
- Instruction as required & casting games.
- Casting stroke can be video taped for analysis.
- Libations at the John B Pub to f ollow.

June 22 -26
FISH OUT - Highway 24 Lakes
- Rainbow Trout on Fawn Lake and surrounding lakes.
Base Camp: Fawn Lake Resort
- Pot Luck Dinner: Sunday, June 24
- Reservations for campsite required. Contact Fawn Lake Resort.

JULY & AUGUST No Club Meetings, Method Sessions or Fish Outs

Unless otherwise announced, all meetings will be held at ....
  Royal Canadian Legion #263
1025 Ridgeway
Coquitlam, BC
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